Starting in January,
PHYSIOSTEO will have a new location! 

Our address:
#200-445 Mountain Highway North Vancouver, BC V7J 2L1
New patients welcomed!
Mondays and Saturdays 8-1pm.

Osteopathy & Physiotherapy

Don't let the pain limit you!

 With PHYSIOSTEO, experience Physiotherapy and Osteopathy in the course of the same treatment with the same practitioner, at your home or in our new clinic location. Whether you live in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby or Vancouver we can come to you and help you to get back to a pain-free life!

About Damien


My name is Damien Dubouchet. I'm a Physiotherapist and an Osteopathic Practitioner.
I have founded PHYSIOSTEO to give the opportunity to patients to receive quality services of Osteopathy and Physiotherapy at home in BC.
Equipped with a solid portable treatment table, I can come to you and we will be able to work in the same conditions than in a clinic. Physiosteo services are now available in our new clinic in North Vancouver!
I am looking forward to meeting and helping you.

Musculo skeletal problems

  • Cervical, thoracic and lumbar pain
  • Hip, shoulder pain.
  • Tendinitis, bursitis, nevralgia...

Sport injuries

  • ligaments injuries (sprain..)
  • Joint subluxation, dislocation..
  • muscular problems..

Stomach/abdominal pains

  • Intestinal problems (IBS, constipation, bloating..)
  • Digestive issues (heart burns, gastro reflux...)
  • Bladder, kidney related dysfunctions..

Post-op rehabilitation

  • Total hip or knee replacement
  • Shoulder, back, ligaments surgeries
  • Geriatric issues 


30 or 45 min session. 
After a thorough assessment, thanks to our advanced physical therapy approach,

we will provide you with an appropriate Osteopathy and/or Physiotherapy treatment to your condition. Using a range of manual techniques and teaching you exercises and strategies to address your problem, we will work together to help you recover a better mobility and bring relief to your body.  


It comes from the fusion of Osteopathy and Physiotherapy. After 20 years of practice as a Physiotherapist and an Osteopathic Practitioner, I realized that Physio and Osteo were so complementary to each other that it would make more sense not to separate them. As a matter of fact, in my everyday practice, I use a combination of Osteopathy and Physiotherapy techniques. I notice every day the effectiveness of this approach to address restrictions in the different systems of the body.

My commitment is to helping you recovering mobility to your body to get back to the activities you enjoy!


Really appreciate Damien's approach to osteopathy. He not only helps to alleviate so much of my physical pain, but also knows to work areas that I wouldn't think would be affected, like my stomach. It's really interesting how everything is interconnected. The sessions help to provide significant relief for me. Thanks Damien!                                  Lisa T.