Before Your Osteopathy & Physiotherapy


Things to know before your physiotherapy appointment

  • For at home osteopathy & physiotherapy appointments, we will need a quiet open space within your home, to set up the treatment table for the session.
  • Wear a loose and comfortable outfit in order to be able to perform some movements.
  • Plan to rest before and after the treatment as sometimes sessions can be quite tiring.

What to expect from a session of Physiotherapy?

  • Thanks to a holistic understanding of the body we will be able to identify what structures are responsible of your limitations and pain. According to your mobility challenges, we will build a realistic treatment plan that will target the body areas that need some help.
  • A session of Osteopathy and/or Physiotherapy is composed of a clinical examination followed by a full-body treatment. I will use a range of fascia, muscle and joint manipulations to address your problem. I might prescribed you exercises, stretches or pain management strategies at the end of the visit to complete the treatment.

Conditions physiosteo can help

  • Cervical, thoracic and lumbar pain.
  • Tension headache, migraines.
  • TMJ, facial pain.
  • Tendinitis, regardless of location.
  • Nevralgia: facial, cranial, cervico-brachial, thoracic, abdominal, sacral, crural, sciatica.
  • Periarthritis, capsulitis, bursitis, all joints inflammatory/painful conditions.
  • Sports and orthopaedic injuries.
  • Geriatric issues.